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Home of the premier go-to- model agency in the Ohio area.

"The LV Models always bring my vision to life."

-Teighlor Campbell

(Celebrity MUA)


About Us

At Lavish Vixenz Model Agency, we pride ourselves on helping our models build successful careers in the modeling industry. We offer a variety of services, including workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions that are personalized to each individual model’s needs. We provide an intimate atmosphere where models feel comfortable developing their skills and perfecting their craft. Our goal is to help you succeed, both personally and professionally.


"Very professional modeling agency! Glad to be able to be a part of it."

(Professional Model)

"Classy, professional models. Book them.
-Angela Jones


Voted "Best Model Organization"


"Lavish Vixenz provided my company with the most professional and dependable models for my fashion show."
-Trina B

(Project Manager)



Learn The True Art Form of Modeling

At our Model Agency, we provide comprehensive model training services to help you become a successful and professional model. We are focused on helping young women reach their full potential. Our agency provides professional training, mentorship and networking opportunities for aspiring models. We strive to create a safe, positive and inspiring environment that will help our models take their careers to the next level. Our goal is to open doors to a world of possibilities and provide our models with the best opportunities to succeed. Our essential model classes, one-on-one model sessions and group workshops will help you to professionally brand yourself as a model and learn the true art form of modeling. 

  • Learn The True Art Form of Modeling

    Date and Price TBA
  • Book a Vixenz Model for your professional model needs.

    Contact us for info
  • Pose, Facial Expressions, Runway Class

    $45 Early Bird
  • We offer Model Management Assistance

    Contact us for info.
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